My first combo!!

Ok guys so here’s my first ever combo! It’s nothing fancy and a little sketchy at the end but I am SO STOKED! haha! I would love nothing more than to share it with you guys! Without your help, I wouldn’t have made it this far! :smiley:

Nice. looks pretty good. in retrospect, i wished i had videotaped myself a little more in the beginning. what yoyo did you use?

Thanks! I used a Yoyojam Dark Magic II

Buddha’s Revenge to Matrix. Nicely done! Good work getting that 1.5 mount so quickly. Not an easy mount.

In almost no time, you’ve become almost as good as me. :wink: Won’t be long before you surpass me! And I’ve still never posted a video. Like Pajama Man, I wish I had filmed myself… ever… in the earliest stages. Keep at it!

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Nice, that was really good!

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Not too bad. I love that you’re doing it all with this huge grin on your face. Happy yoyoing is productive yoyoing =)


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Thank you man! That 1.5 is a killer haha! Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a LOT! :smiley: I would LOVE to see some current videos of you.

Thank You! I will try to clean up my bind next time haha!

Thank you Yuki! I’ve never been happier! Yo-yoing is so much fun and I love learning new tricks and I also love how positive yo-yoing can be! :smiley:

Haha, you mean ANY videos of me. :wink: Haven’t taken one ever. I should get around to it. I don’t have anything great to offer anyone, so maybe I should take a “better late than never” approach and film my triumphs as I land new (to myself) tricks ‘n’ stuff. Share some of my joy of yoyoing the same way it’s clear you’re loving it!