BombSquad in association with YoyoFactory presents:

The first official BombSquad video contest!

"BombSquad will be throwing a online Yoyo video contest. Two Premium YoYoFactory yoyo’s will be given away for the winner. The object of the contest is to film a yoyo video and get creative with it. I don’t want to see a yoyo video with you just standing there. GET CRAZY WITH IT! Being creative with the video will win you points and will most likely but in the top of my list. ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN ENTER THIS CONTEST. Have fun =)


Contest starts Feb,21,2010 to March,21,2010

  1. Must wear a Yoyofactory t-shirt at all time. Don’t have one? SHARPIE AND WRITE IT ON A T-SHIRT.

2.Yoyofactory product must be used in the video. Any other yoyo, you will be disqualified.

  1. Must be uploaded on youtube and title must say ” BombSquadyyf Contest” and your name next to it.

  2. Video must be submitted before March 21st or you will not be eligible.


  1. 90 seconds long maximum.

  2. Must have Yoyofactory 2010 Logo beginning of Video and at the end of it.

Videos will be judged on the following criteria:

Motivation and inspiration
Overall impact

All contestant, please email me the link of your youtube video to


for further reading:

…Someone needs to buy a yoyo from me so I can get in on this.

am selling like 4 YoYoFactory yoyo’s right now^___^

Lol. I’ve got plenty of YoYoFactory. Just out of essential things. Like… String, :P.

lol ;D

I am so going do this.

Hey, if anybody wins in the forums can they post pics of what they got?

pictures of the prizes are up on my site.

Hey, since you’re winning my contest, I could give you 20 yellow poly strings as a prize if you win.