Blueprint alternatives or Inverse strings

With Werrd & Blueprint strings currently being gone, has anyone found a solid bulk string equivalent? They are my favorite to play with, and I’m down to my last 5. On the premium side of things; is anyone still messing around with inverse strings anymore? I have some old inverse type x from YYSL, but I feel like it never really caught on.

YYE has YYSL in stock


Just curious - have you tried Kitty String 1.5 in comparison to Blueprint?

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I have not. I ended up with Kitty normal just to see what it was like. Also I’m trying some Zipline. Are the 1.5 similar in feel?

Big thanks for the head up on this! Don’t know why I wasn’t seeing it before while I was looking. Appreciate it.


It has some similar qualities in terms of holding string tension - but still a little more stiff overall than BluePrint. But not a bad thing. Great lifespan and excellent for hooks, whips, slack, etc.