blue rtv sili..

So I’ve been using the clear flowable sili up til now (which I’ve posted on before) and someone recommended blue etc sili… so I bought this stuff, is it the right kind? I hope so since it was ten bucks.

it works.

It’s what i use/

10 bucks? you can get some for a dollar at 99 cent store. granted that tube probably has more in it, but I don’t think it has 10x as much…

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I personally use VersaChem flowable silicone but i have heard nothing bad about that kind that you are using. Love my flowable silicone.

So I just did my dm2 with that stuff, man it was way harder to apply then the regular clear stuff! It doesn’t flow, lol, go figure. You have to mold it into the recess. I think i did ok tho, what do you guys think?

That’s why learning the skills of siliconing is important.

And you did great for a first try, but on the left half of the DM2, the silicone looks like it has a hole there. That could lead to worse problems because a tiny hole could cause the whole silicone response system to rip out and break in a matter of minutes.

Yeah, thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix that. The stuff is way harder to put in, just practice I guess…

blue RTV is awesome, i agree it is more difficult to apply compared to clear sili.(which seems thicker) but the RTV seems to wear much slower

What the heck… I have the very same blue RTV as you but mine comes out as a blue tinted clear. I don’t get why your’s is legit blue while mine isn’t… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, that sounds cool to me. Is it permatex? I’ll trade ya ;D

I’ll take pictures and I don’t think you’d want to it’s almost gone…

knead the tube a bit to mix the contents, also store n a controlled environment. sili is sensitive to cold and heat. i just got an oscillatrix and used the blue RTV soon as it arrived

Well shoot no one told me to do that… :smiley: