Blue Patrol


Hey everyone, I’ve been busy adding to some combos of mine and coming up with some new elements lately.  These are a few of what I’ve been working on.  They are some revised tricks with new flare to them.  I’m working on a video of all new tricks as well, I’m just trying to smooth those out more first.  Please give me some input!  Thanks!

  • John Hasselback


damn ill son! dude produced the song and throwed to it. mad respects!


Thanks dude!


Good stuff man. How long have you been playing and how often do u practice?

(Big Mike) #5

Very smooth.


Thanks dude! Ive been throwing a year and 10 months. I play as much as I can, depends on how busy I am and what I have planned. I practice on average 3 to 4 hours weekdays and like way more weekends haha! Its fun for me.


Thanks man!


Thanks man!