Hello all i have started a yoyo blog at tell me what you think! 8)

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The grammar wasn’t perfect, not enough facts.

Try again.

You should look at other blogs and then compare it to yours.

how does it compare?

A blog is a great thing to do, but unless you’re willing -and able- to go 100% on it and do everything as well as you can, and then some more, it’s best not to do it at all.

first off, you have absolutely no graphical elements, no photos

then, the choice of themes, a henry and a spinstar? do YOU want to read a small, written review of a henry or a spinstar? I know I don’t.

visually, the blog has no identity at all. You have “raw” links in your text, little to no structure. it looks like you gave it 5 minutes of your time and called it a day.

I’ve been doing my blog since 1 year and a half now and it has been great, but it’s also LOTS of work. Although it comes with a reward as we had a significant amount of products from brands or shops, from free high end yoyos to accessories, promotional items etc… but it’s a lot of work and when you put things on perspective, the rewards are small compared to the investment you make.

you can also do interviews, shows videos, talk about actual news, review the latest releases (even if it means that you will pay for, if you ask gently maybe you can pay them less as a good review is also a good promo for a manufacturer, which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be objective and then it’s for you to make your opinion respectable and respected.

but first, you have to give it your best and make a blog that YOU, as a player, would want to read.

PS: if you want to see my blog, clic my signature image.

This is how I felt as well. The yo-yo choices were a bit lacking IMO.

I wish i knew how to design my blog like yours could you help me out please?

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