Blizzard vs. Igloo


Hello! I am a fairly new player (8 months). I can do most of the tricks posted by Mr. Matio, like the Toru Miyazaki Tech Trick, or Ky Zizan’s tower, along with some of my own, original, tech tricks. My daily throw is the Recess Komodo. It feels really natural doing tricks. However, it is a bit unstable and klunky. This is great for improving my accuracy, or stumbling through tutorials. However, I plan to compete soon, and therefore I am looking for a solid competition throw. I want it to be stable, solid, semi-agile (not too light, thought), and long spinning. I am, as of now, thinking about the Blizzard and the Igloo. Which one would you recommend as a competition throw that I would (hopefully) use for the next few years (if not longer). Thanks!

If you want to see my playstyle, go to the Youtube channel Sidney LeVine. :slight_smile:




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I would personally say the Igloo, even though I haven’t tried either. It has the competition styled V shape and a nice size no gap width


If you like the Komodo, then I would recommend the Blizzard over the Igloo. It has a kind of similar feel, but more powerful spin.


I know this is supposed to be blizzard vs igloo however you said you were looking for a great competition throw so I am going to make another recommendation. What about a draupnir?


I am a techy player so prefer wide gaps and more of a heavy feel (both of those factors are absent in the Draupnir).

What are you doing here when you could be throwing?!


You’re a techy player huh? Have you ever even played a Draupnir? You sure don’t seem to know much about the specs your claiming because the gap on the Draupnir is the same size as the Igloo and even larger than the gap that the Blizzard has. Tech on my brother :smiley:


Lmao. You are correct, I did not fact check my statements. I was going of Brandon Vu’s video in which he shared that the Draupnir was snaggy (something often occurring as a result of a small gap). Also, I have not played a Draupnir.

What are you doing here when you could be throwing?!