BLC, here I come!

Bacon Lettuce Chickn samicheis!!! sounds good even though i perfer nachos! nice vid james

I meant next year. But you have to support friends James. :slight_smile: :wink:

ive really enjoyed watching you get better and better anyway long hair is cool but not in your face

That was pretty nice, i liked the flow and style, although all the reverse gt things looked a little repetitive. but overall, it was quite nice. Good luck :slight_smile:

He got third!!!

Ha, thanks Samad! BLC was really fun! I was just happy to make it into the finals! :slight_smile: You did really good yourself! Can’t belive you didn’t make it into the sponcered finals 'cause you did really good! And no matter what McBride says I thought that trick you did while jumping off the stage was REALLY legit! :smiley:

~James Reed!

Thanks! And my hair was in my face because I was concentrating at the yoyo and trying not to look strait into the camera which I usually self-counciously do, so I just kept my head strait down and covered my eyes with my hair lol! But usually I never have my hair in my face. :smiley:

Good news! Turns out, it isn’t against the rules. Mark was just really pissed that I did that, LOL. I asked Brian (Glasseye) and it turns out I was about 5 points off from making the finals. That’s a good accomplishment for me though, since I was going against World Champions (Rojas, Severance, Correa, etc.) Great contest though. Afterwards, Ernie, Kathy and I went to IHOP. I got fried and chocolate chip pancakes. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks to the organizers who put on this event!

Ha, nice! Can’t wait to watch your routine on youtube! :slight_smile:

Dude great job James! :smiley:
You did realllyyyyyyyyy well.

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Thanks Matt, it was fun seeing you there! :slight_smile:

Haha yeah… I think I lost my g5. ._.

Thats pretty sad, well, hope you find it.

p.s. You know that beat M1 yoyo Paolo was letting us throw against the fence and onto the floor? Well it broke the yoyo. Yeah I know, pretty sad huh.

Fail. haha

Hey, if anyone has the video of me at the BLC or know of it on youtube, please PM me the link. My grandma, uncle, and aunt who live in OceanSide all want to see my video of my preformance(s) of me in the Prelims and or in the Finals, 'cause they couldn’t make it to the competition. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

p.s. I have been checking on youtube and can’t find it, but if I do, I will tell you guys I found it on here. Thanks!

~James Reed!

hey cool, i like ur hair 8)

Ha, thanks, I just got a slightly different hair cut from a different hair stlyist today lol!