Blackwood Fixie?

Hey so I was thinking of trying a new thing and turning a fixed axle yoyo out of African Blackwood.

  • yes :slight_smile:
  • no :frowning:
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I don’t know what the properties of African Blackwood are.

Voted yes :slight_smile:

This woould be a very heavy yoyo, or no?

i think

That pic is of a pen blank for sale. It’s .75” x .75” x 6”. A little small for a yo-yo I think. :slight_smile:


I bet you could do it.

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Can’t wait to see it. ABW is soooo much effort to make anything!

This is the guy to ask Noah. Those ebony laminate stripes look sick!

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You will make a great looking yoyo that plays terrible. African blackwood is far too dense to make a playable yoyo.

No is my vote.


Are you really planning to make a yoyo from that turning blank?

It’s 3/4" in diameter…

Sharp tools and proper technique will make light work of even the toughest woods.

I don’t know anything about designing a yoyo…but wouldn’t that just mean you need to shave weigh off the design somewhere?

Sure, you can make a full sized fixie thats 20mm wide.

But not out of a 3/4" blank.

Fair enough.