Where do i get a black light and how do you make a good black light vid? im just wondering because im thinking about making one if can get a good blacklight haha

Spencers in most malls I know of. Maybe some hippie head shops that carry the blacklight posters.

I got my blacklight at Spencer’s in a mall. I believe it’s the 18" one they sell, was around $15-$20. Works amazingly well. Delrin yoyos look amazing, glowing yoyos like the Starlite look amazing. Use some neon yellow or white string and it’s great. I usually put my camera between the black light and myself and the videos turn out fairly well but it’s obviously just something you have to play with and figure out what setup works best for you.

You can do it many ways.

There’s the Spencer’s route. You can also get the same thing at like Guitar Center and other places that carry audio, instruments and DJ-type gear. Going to these stores also gives you more options as far as sizes and control. I have an LED UV blacklight, so I can remotely control on/off, intensity and I have a flicker/strobe and shake setting.

Another option is to go to the hardware store and buy one of those flourescent balasts. Paint the back side black, then either strip and polish the front side metal, or else lay down a reflective material, such as aluminum foil. The strip and polish method tends to work way better IF you’re willing to put the time into it. Or you can leave it white, you just won’t get the same amount of light back, but it will be fine. You still want to make as much of it black as possible. Then, order the UV tubes, which won’t be that much, or they may be at the above mentioned audio/musicial instruments/dj facility.