Black Light


I need a blacklight for my talet show. What should I get? I need it to be big and bright enough.

                                               Please help



I actually have the same problem but no one gave me a helpful answer. I found a 48 inch one on Spencers website but I dunno exactly how good it is.


Get a 48-inch flourescent fixture, which you should be able to get at Home Depot or Lowes. Typically, these are the ones you see hung in a garage. Paint it black. Paint the area behind the light silver and make it super shiny or SLOWLY and methodically clue tin foil shiny side up. You want absolutely NO wrinkles. Now, get 48-inch blacklight tubes and you’ll be good.

I never have time for this myself so I have to outsource these. I used some $14 ones from Walmart for a halloween presentation and since they weren’t ADJ, I said “I can’t buy these back because I said get the ADJ ones as it’s my money”. They sucked. But, even with 4, it was too large an area I needed to cover. So, even the ADJ ones would have been inadequate.

But I digress. Repainting the ballasts will be easy. The reflector portion will be a pain unless you can get some aquarium type ones to install in there.


What about an ADJ Black 24 Bulb 2ft blacklight and fixture? I will have someone in front of me (off stage) shining it on me.


Those are the one I was referring to. They were on sale for like $14.99 before Halloween. They have basically no reflector and are just a bare bones ballast with a tube. They’ll work but they won’t work great. Better options are NOT cost effective. I have this LED UV Par64 can and I love it, but I also am getting these LED UV Brick ones as well, either ADJ or Elation(same corporate umbrella). But, for $170 for 1 LED UV Can that requires DMX for control, NOT worth it for you. For the ADJ fixtures, I operated them off power packs for control, but they can easily work off an on/off switch or power strip. It’s too complex to discuss here what I do, but the tube lights are simple and affordable but I don’t like the lack of output. Even if you go with 48 inch tubes, you’ll need at least 2 and need to more or less stay in a small area. If you want to be “cheap”, you can mask off the white area to act as a basic reflector and spray paint the rest black. Use a rattle can with primer and then lay on 3-4 coats.

When is your talent show? December 12th? You can call me after Thanksgiving if you want and pick my brain more.


December 22. Do you think ADJ Black 24 Bulb 2ft blacklight and fixture would work OK?