Blacklight type?

Hi! I just wanna ask about using black lights for neon yoyo string. What would be the best for videos? Bar lights, flashlight, or bulb? Thanks in advance.

I have a barlight and although mine is only 12 inches it illuminates my whole room, which surprised me . I got mine off of ebay for like $25 I think. I really like the effect it has on the string (especially green), so I would say that, but I have not tried other methods. Hope I helped

thanks! :wink: I’ll take your advice

IMO bar lights would make the most sense. They always seem to work better. Have never tested this with strings but I’ve seen plenty of blacklights and how well they work.

Lots of people have videos with black lights.


Jensen Kimmit uses a bar light… sooooo I would get one :stuck_out_tongue:

Florescent lights are always much more efficient as black lights. Incandescent ones hardly produce any ultraviolet light.

Agreed with ^^^. The bar lights are best when they’re still working (mine stopped fully illuminating for some reason) but the compact fluorescent ones work really good, too. Wal-mart hast them for $7 or less each. Two or Three of those in lamps nearby would also do the trick.