Black names..


Anyone see this?

Certain names, Topics and the Sections are all black… It’s weird.

What is this :open_mouth:

(JM) #2

Yeah, I see it too, dont know what the deal is.


Yeah same with me and gm user, as well as others probably. I’m not sure why, but it looks like a problem with the site coding.


Apetrunk and I are talking about it, we see it also

The forum still works, so I think we should let it go for now.

P.S. I demanded André to do that bacuse today is chan night day! :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally forgot about chat night :D, I’ll be there.


Haha I think it might look cool though to have like the section names different colors (i.e. General, BST, etc…)


Visited links are now black, apparently.


Oh, I see what you mean.


so we are doing chat night today?
what time


and i posted a link on an other topic and the link is black to