Black light performances at nats/worlds?

I always wondered if there ever has been a time in Yoyo history that someone suggested or it ever happened at a national or world contest, I see it’s used a lot in smaller contests like state ones, but I’ve never seen any perform national or world routines with black lights. Maybe it could be a special request, it really all depends I’m not an expert.

Some thoughts i have to maybe why they don’t do it is maybe the string won’t have depth when it glows so it makes it harder to judge (non judging exclusions being alternative freestyles) or if it’s genuinely not a good idea to perform in general shifting the focus away from intricacy to flashy who knows.

What are your thoughts!


New york states last weekend had a blacklight on stage, this year’s national contest in the US had a pretty bright venue (not your traditional like, stage/auditorium gig) so I don’t think they needed one there

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Ahh, thanks! I Just thought if some people wanted to do more fun aesthetically pleasing routines with black lights, I do believe I mentioned state contests occasionally do that! since they look a lot flowey and flashy instead of how bright the stage is, but you’re right, there really isn’t a need for one, thank you!

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