Black Knight FS/FT


Additional Pics:

Dual Siliconed, Hubstacked, Shined.



Things I like:
Metals (Will add for some)
Modded stuff
Multiple Plastics


Is there any vibe and how much would it cost cuz it seems to me it would be expensive


Dead smooth.

Regular BK costs about 41, The Stacks cost some amount and the labor costs some.

I am looking for 60, it is a little high but I’d drop it a little.


dude im saving up for a p2 but if you still have that in three weeks ill buy it

(SR) #5

I want one so bad… that’s the best mod EVER… but I don’t want to pay for it.


Why not trade for it?

I might get/make another…need stacks though.


i will trade u a pyro for it


Lets talk.


Sweet mod! You gotta tell me how you did that!


You chop of the top of the nub, and Sand or whatever away until you get the post for the bearing.


Cool! It sounds time consuming, though. :smiley:


I’ll trade you a speed dail and $15 for it.


Sorry, already have a Speed Dial and Pending.




How about a legacy?


No thanks.

Please stop offering, it is Pending.


Well, I think it might fall through.

So Bump.

(Connor) #17

Just because its pending means we cant offer?

This is just an example but…A guy could be willing to trade sayyyy, some limited edition 888 for it. And you wouldnt know because you said “Stop offering, its pending”

Just saying. You could be making a mistake.


Yea, you were right, trade fell through. :-[ :-[

Well, Bump. Post Edited also.

(Mitch) #19

Thats pretty sick Evan… Have you clocked your stack spin time with it?

(Connor) #20

Siliconed Speed Dial. Yes. Siliconed. Has a few nicks here and there. Plays great. Not much damage at all. No Dials. Price: $32

Beat Lime Green Dark Magic w/synergy caps. Price: $18

Lime Green Speeder. Siliconed. Has some stress marks. Price: $30 Negotiable

Beat Sky Blue Kickside. Price: $10

Mint Yellow Projam with caps and everything. $12

Satined and Siliconed SpeedMaker $17 (Not sure if I wanna let this one go)

Excluding SpeedMaker


Interested at all?