FS/FT: 4th Gen. Black Silk with lots of extra stuff

(Connor) #1

Silk is signed by forum members. It just has one little ding on it and plays great. It includes Original Bearing, original packaging, extra pads, and a BC Grooved bearing. It has the following names writting on it: Michael, Kall, Joey Genovese. THIS THING IS SMOOOOOTH.

Here some pics of the Silk

If you want to buy it then its gonna cost you $50.00

If you want to trade for it then make an offer.


Just a thought, it as online at around 45, so you are selling it for 50? Yea it is signed by forum Members but still… You want to give the buys on the BST a good deal.

Free bump.

(Mitch Ginder) #3

If your not interested in buying things in the BST then stay out, I’m sick of seeing people calling other people out in BST threads, he wants $50 for the silk so let him ask for it. It’s not your business to go and tell people how to sell their things.


Please, guys, hold on for a second, here.

If he wants $50, that’s fine. But I agree with Evan. You’d have better luck buying it cheaper. Try and get him to sell it for $45, and include extras with the trade.

Dv888, no need to get mad. Clam down, he’s not mad, he’s just saying. :slight_smile: I’ve seen your posts lately, and you are getting quite angry at other members for saying something, and/or getting in your buisness.

Just make the trade, and move/delete this thread so it doesn’t trun into the Great YoYoExpert Massacre. :wink:

(Mitch Ginder) #5

I never said Evan was mad, nor did I say I was mad.

But telling someone that what they want is wrong is rude and should not be in the BST threads.


I was just saying that he will most likely get it sold at 5 or 10 dollars cheaper.

(Chris Allen) #7

Do I need to lock this thread?
back on topic

(Connor) #8

I dont see the problem…it includes a BC Grooved bearing and extra pads and original bearing and original packaging…i think thats worth an extra 5 dollars. >:(

(system) #9