WANT: CU Later or Nimbus!

Heres what I have to offer:

A Silk that is signed by forum members. It just has one little ding on it and plays great. It includes Original Bearing, original packaging, extra pads, and a BC Grooved bearing. It has the following names writting on it: Michael, Kall, Joey Genovese. THIS THING IS SMOOOOOTH.

Here some pics of the Silk

A K-os that is White with Black HG Material. It has about one bad scrape on it, with nicks here and there. Its siliconed dead unresponsive. Plays great. Includes original O-ring if requested.

Sirius has like one Ding on it. With some small nicks here and there. Its has blue plastic with pink caps.

Heres some pics of the Sirius and K-os


I can add small amount of cash to the trade. I dont have much though.

Sorry Bump :wink: