BIST Centauro Axle Issue

Having issues and need help.
I have a BIST Centauro Trinity that is pretty much stripped on one side and perfectly fine on the other - - I BELIEVE (used a caliper and various thread charts) the axle is 2.6mm x 40 and I am having and impossible time finding a replacement (any sources??? Id like to try to fix the rounded threads with possibly a bottom tap and just chasing what is still possibly fixable with the normal axle size)
What Throw (or company) uses a 2.7 or 2.8 or something close.(Would something in the YYJ Axle section on YYN work? I very well may have to retap this throw due to the previous owners harmful handling. And before I retap i would really like to know what size to possibly go up to. Any help or suggestions?

Have you tried a hardware store? See what fits - english or metric. If they don’t have a set screw of the right size, use a regular screw and cut the head off.

I would prefer to get an actually axle. Thats really what im looking for, And then something maybe a size up from what it currently has. But im trying to see if there are essentially any axles that would be suitable.


Ack, nm, Actually got ahold of Mr. B!st on this one. Thanks guys for looking and or helping.

You do know that manufacturers get their ‘axles’ from either a hardware store or a wholesale industrial supply company, right? Aside from a couple of rare exceptions, the vast majority of yo-yo axles are just a simple bolt and nut or a setscrew. Both of which can be found in a local hardware store.

This topic is DEAD- I Sent the Throw to BIST for repair.

Regarding the Axles. I do not have a good cutter, Nor do I wish to chance anything regarding the threads of the yoyo. I would much rather have him deal with this issue. Thanks for the Replies.!

I just want to make sure you realize what we are saying.

You can go to a hardware store and buy the exact same axles that yoyo manufacturers use. It’s not a special made axle just for yoyo’s.