Birthday YoYo

My birthday is on the 12 of this month, Sunday. I’ll be 26. My wife and I just bought a house and are expecting our first child in Sept! Haha! Life is great right now! She has insisted on buying me a YoYo for my birthday of my choosing, but I only have a $25 dollar budget because of everything going on. I can understand that and still appreciate her willingness to push for something like this. Unnecessary, but very sweet. I really want a OneDrop YoYo and have for a long time, but that’s out of the question, I think.

What do you recommend for a $25 YoYo?

Yoyofactory DayDream or Recess First Base. If you like more rim weight, go with First Base, but if you like speed more go with the DayDream

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

The Replay Pro is a great plastic yoyo in that price range IMO.

You could always hit up the bst some have really great deals on there i feel you on the budget i was told to stop buying so i started trading

Congratulations on the child! Get them throwing young.

For $25 I would recommend a Premiere or a First Base. Great plastics that get the job done.

If you need a metal, Magic YoYo has a good lineup of cheap ones. For $5 over your stated budget there’s also the redesigned Boss from YoYoFactory or the Kilter 2 from YoYofficer.

Thank you very much, I’ll be trying! I should get him or her a plastic pocket throw to be the first toy. Even though they’ll just slobber all over it, I’ll know it was the right decision. Haha

I actually already have a Replay Pro, love it! I also have a SuperStar, also love that. The feel of the SuperStar in my hand was the best ever, so that’s when I bought a Czech Point a while back and haven’t had any regrets. Very similar feel in my hand.

First base is a great choice for under $25. There’s also the Duncan Echo 2, Yoyorec Fay, and a few older YYJ models that still play great for the price - C-Force and Revolution.

If you can stretch that to $30 then the Kilter 2 is a great choice too.

Or pick up a looper like the Initiator or Loop 1080 and learn some 2A.

I agree with the Congratulations and the Magic Yoyo suggestion. However, some Magic Yoyos are far better than others. The best one I’ve played with is the N12 Shark. I’ve heard, but have no direct experience, that the M series is also quite good. The Silencer is also quite nice, but I prefer the Shark over my Silencers. (although the silencers look awesome. Especially the black one). The K series should be avoided.