Birthday Yo-yo Recommendations?


So I just started to play unresponsive and wish to purchase a new yoyo for my birthday(my first is the yoyofactory D10 that came out of the world’s mystery box) can’t decide between the Space Cadet, Superstar, Edge, Shutter(I have a fondness for Yoyofactory, been using them since F.A.S.T. 201) or a Duncan Grasshopper. Thoughts?


I would recommend getting a few budget yoyos since you just started unresponsive. Get like a Toohot and a shutter or something like that. That way you can try more, different yoyos.


Do the various shapes and metals makes that big of a difference player to player?


Not sure about the metal, but the shapes yes.


I just visited yoyofactory world headquarters and got to try a bunch of their stuff.

Go with a space cadet


I agree that the space cadet is extremely nice, but as a beginner unresponsive player wouldn’t he get more of an experience trying out a lot of different yoyos? This letting him find a preferred shape, weight, brand, different features he likes and so on.

He could get 2, possibly 3 (if one was real cheap or all three were around $33 dollars) for the price of one space cadet.

This is just my personal opinion though.


Oh I definitely want one of the Basecamp throws as well as CLYW Manatee. Hell I’ll probably be a collector in general.


Looks like I’ve got some decisions to make…


Try out a CLYW.You will see the difference.