Bipolar Yoyo Trick Tutorial


I love tricks that incorporate betwen the arms rotation. This is a tutorial for my favorite version of this poi likr yoyo trick! Please feel free to lend advice or tell me what you think thatnks!!!


Oooh! I also made a variation similar to this before the swing part. But this swing part is also a great variation! Very cool!


i have many variations and mounts to get into the twist between the arms but this on is a little easier to get into but there are so many ways to get into the rotations thats what makes this trick fun. i also made the tuto with no words but i thought the instructions would be more informative to the manuever


very similar to mongomery twist


yes very similar but his are done out of an atomic bomb variation


ehhh wrong. its a wrist mount


can you post a vid or a link i have not seen his rotaions out of a wrist mount?



yeah it is a wrist mount but there are many ways to get into a mount for these revolutions. my tutorial is not a wrist mount tutorial there are already wrist mount rotation tutos, for instance Jorpo has one as well. my tutorial is a tutorial showing another way (not wrist mount) to get into a revolutions mount. all in all poi with a yoyo is cool and i like all forms of it!!! also the monty twist will only twist so much and the string gets tight with the bipolar mount the string can make many revolutions and still keep loose and break free easily. try them out

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i am sure this is a joke in the case that it isnt i have no singing voice but i am good on a mike


here is a wrist mount rotation i did over a year ago

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