Binds to lean...

I’m trying to find some new bids to lean. Does anyone know of any good ones to work on??, thanks for the help


Don’t know what binds you already know in order to recommend new ones. :wink:

Suicide Bind, Guy Wright Bind, and modified Backspin Bind (the one where you fling it up into the air) are the ones I’m doing most often right now.

Found this video that might have some inspiration for you:

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Sky bind.
I saw a thread that was titled “cricket bind” didn’t read it, but it exists.
And then you should learn the one Andre’ does in the tutorial vids (it’s the trapeze, sideways brain twister thing, the flick).
I like binding from a plastic whip. Simple, but effective.

Vashek’s President’s Bind is fun to do.


THANK YOU FOR THIS. And there is two more.  ;D

Don’t forget this video, the aptly titled ‘Amazing Binds’.


Just finished watching the other 2 Slusny bind videos. So much great stuff to steal:

Right now I pretty much know the basic binds nothing to special. So all this info is great thanks a lot guys. :slight_smile:

Came to post this.