Bimetal superstar sale?


how does the bi metal yoyo factory sale work, it says it will get discounted when added to the cart but when i add another yoyo nothing happens it stays the same… any help?


Worked fine for me. Drop them an email if you’re uncomfortable


whats their email?


You’re kidding right?


I don’t believe he was kidding… …



@mandiz perhaps you are adding a non-YYF yo-yo to your cart? I think the deal is buy any YYF yo-yo for the discount.


Wood Rat i am adding the replay pro though :slight_smile:


I am having this issue too. I would like to make a purchase but ever since the store layout change it won’t apply the discount to the superstar in the cart. I am adding a replay pro. I have checked back for several days and no change. Anybody get to the bottom of this?


Maybe they don’t have the “limited time sale” anymore…


The promo didn’t transfer over with the new site, ill look into it.


Well, it looks like the Superstar Bi-Metal Promo has come to an end. We were technically supposed to end it weeks ago… but we forgot. And now the new site has ended it for us lol.

For anyone interested in the promotion; Contact us within the next day or two and we will be happy to apply the discount for you. ;D


@mandiz. Replay Pro is a fun throw. :sunglasses: