What is the biggest 1a throw? I know the cliff is big but what’s the biggest?

Big yo by yoyojam I think. Used as a 4a throw also cause of it’s size.

technically the big yo, like kulaz said.
But I hardly consider it a 1a throw. The biggest I’ve seen would be the Jirorian, at 68.24mm. H5 being second, then the h5xchief, and dreadnought not far behind it.

I know this is a little off topic but does the cliff fill clunky in the hand when throwing?

Not terribly, but it is quite big and takes some getting used to. Its fairly light and “floaty” for the size so that keeps it away from feeling clunky.

The Werrd Hour is pretty big for 1a. Big yo is biggest overall. Panda is big and used for 1a so is the throw monkey :).

Well it was introduced before off string became popular. :wink:

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Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used the big yo for 1a myself, and tommy gun is all kinds of awesome with it. I’ve actually posted that video myself. lol
I just don’t really consider it a 1a throw, considering how good it is for 4a.

I wonder how hat chopsticks are with a Big-Yo :slight_smile:

The giant No Jive which a crane is needed to be thrown.

whatever that giant no jive is actually quite excellent especially for chopsticks if you are the size of a giant or maybe a little over sized for dirtbag yeti…

YYJ BigBen?

Another big one was the Yoyojam MaxiMo. It was about a centimeter or so smaller in diameter than the BigYo and considerably slimmer. It was heavier than the BigYo because it had weight rings. It was basically the antithesis of the more common Mini Motu and Mini Motrix, all of which were designed by Mo Chavez, and was still primarily used for 1A as far as I know.

C3 H5’or H5xcheif for a fully unresponsive yoyo.