big yo's plastic?

What plastic does big yo use?


so if it touches lighter fluid it will melt??

It won’t “melt”. It will get damaged though, I’m not sure how though, corroding?

But why the heck would you wanna touch it with lighter fluid lol? Even celcon would be slightly damaged!

OHHHHHHHHH DARNNNNNNNN!!!mannnnn no i meant i accidently spilled a bit of lighter fluid on it just a very bit…
but it stills play fine.just like hmmmm2 drops…

will it affect the yoyo?

Depends where you’ve spilled it. But it is your yoyo, so you should know how it plays.

well its actually less than 2 drops its like when your finger touches like lighter fluid and will have the remainings…Sorry i cant really explain it that well

its near the rims of big_yo

If you don’t se anything melting and it plays fine, there’s nothing wrong :smiley:

oh ok then thanks guys