Big BST Thread (CLYW, One Drop, 2sickyoyos, Duncan, G2 throws inside!)

I don’t necessarily want to get rid of any of my throws, but I’m putting them up here just in case a trade comes up that I really want. Feel free to offer me something! I am willing to sell the Queen and the RD1 outright, everything else, I’m mostly looking for trades.

I Have:

2sick 7075 Queen - Royal Colorway 1 of 3 - Near mint

Tom Kuhn RD1 - Black - Mint (Includes extra response pads)

Duncan Barracuda - Janos Edition 1 of 250 - Mint

CLYW Summit - Jackrabbit - Near mint, a couple spots where the ano wore off a tiny bit. Barely noticeable.

One Drop Markmont Classic - Black - Near mint, one small ding.

Looking For:

Spencer Berry Walter - Black

CLYW 7 Summits - Any Colorway

G2 Marvel - Final Frontier

G2 throws with fade or swirl color ways

Markmont Throws

CLYW Throws

Image Post:

Queen -