big brother city

the big brother yoyos have been getting some love lately so I have to show them off, enjoy.

Nice. Such a wonderful video.

Good video!

at 14 sec DING lol

yea, the bully is fine, but I cannot put it down, it is awesome.

Awesome video…

Nice video, but if you took off that buzzing sound it would be better.

The lack of editing caused me to not watch the entire video…

Nice yoyos! Seems like you got a bunch of money to buy those four yoyos.

Happy Throwing! =]

trades are your friend

Nah, you can keep them. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

Was he offering you anything?

Yes, he’s trying to trade.

Happy Throwing! =]

No, he wasn’t.
He was answering your question.


[quote=“gm user,post:12,topic:5257”]


I don’t think he offered you anything. Sounds like he got some yoyos in a trade. Or maybe earned some cash in a trade.

Um, ok…

Happy Throwing! =]

Do you understand?

Almost, but I didn’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Happy Throwing! =]

I was trying to say that i did not buy all the yoyos with money, I did some trades, which don’t cost.

OH! I’m such a dumb…

Happy Throwing! =]