MY TOP 10 Yoyos

I Don’t Agree with your choices for places >:D

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Lol, same.

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ill 3rd that

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ill 4th that

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these are HIS choices for HIS top ten

and its completely HIS opinion…

I dont think he is trying to rate the 10 best yoyos of all time

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Guys he made that video only a few days after he got his Dark Magic and started yo-yoing. I bet that if you talk to him now, he has different yo-yo picks.

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I’ll fifth that. It’s just his preferences. And you should call it my 10 top yoyos I have IMO.

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Oh i didn’t know he just got his dark magic sorry about that. BTW thanks for telling me Jayvee

I cant take this video seriously. He is probably a young kid that just started and wanted to make a video because he was bored. he probably only has 1 of these yoyo’s and he mixed 1a 2a and 4a into 1 list.

While I admit that he is a bit young, he does own four of the yo-yo’s on his list and tried out four others. The only ones he put there that he hasn’t tried are the Throw Monkey and the Sunset Trajectory.

and ill sith that clearly the best yoyo you can get is hattrick, heavy cream, juggernaught, and spyy pro, and 888, severe, dark magic yeesssss, and trinity ohh my bad in no saspific order…misspelling… in no pasific order haha

No. oppinion.

I just love how people think that there is a best yoyo. facepalm. Yoyos dont You cant say that clearly the best yoyo is ( insert yoyo name ) becuase its all opinion based questions and if your going by specs,play,ect its still very debatable

Man people on this forum are harsh. The guy just made a video listing his top ten. Its obviously his opinion because he states “MY top 10 yoyos” See the word MY?

Anyways, any particualr order to the video is number 1 the yoyo you like best??

Oppinion. You just have to be able to handle some criticism if you make a video.

i disagree with all of his choices…sorry dude lol,19786.0.html

why is dark magic in every top 10 yoyos video it shoudn`t be in the top 10 at all

And you shouldn’t be making a necro post.  The Dark Magic is a great yoyo, and just because you don’t think so doesn’t mean it shouldn’t belong in the top ten.