Big BBYY Announcement!

(Bradley Moss) #1

We would like to welcome Andrew Dalton (Maddog) and Ben Cioffi (Solechild) to the team!!! And congrats Andrew on taking 4th in 5a, and to ben for taking 28th in 1a at MA States!!

p.s. Also a congrats goes out to Daniel Tsiakos for taking 14th in 1a!!


Dang Ben, how’d you get 28th? There were only 27 contestants! LOL

(Bradley Moss) #3

lol something like 34?


Woohoo! Congratulations guys!


I remember a looong time ago, Andrew and I used to talk in the YYE chat, and I asked him “What’s your favorite company?” He replied “BBYY”. I said "Do you want to be sponsored by them? He then said “Yeah, but it won’t ever happen. I just know for a fact it won’t happen”

We then proceeded to make a bet: If he ever got sponsored by BBYY, he would owe me a Bully.

I can’t wait for my new BBYY. :slight_smile:


HA! Nice!


Lol Samad, you will get some BBYY, I am not sure what I will send you yet.