Bi metal polishing

I’ve got a few bi-metals, good shape, some with nearly no oxidation, some with heavy oxidation. I was wanting to clean them up a bit just for obsessive compulsiveness sake. Does any one know if metal polish posses a threat to the plastic on my bimetals? If so, how does one go about cleaning them up?

Edit: I meant to put this in looking for help/recommendations but I’m sick and apparently missed, sorry mods.

I don’t know how the polish will effect the plastic, but I do know many people have polished the rims and metal parts and have anywhere from good to amazing results, so I’d say go for it.

I’d wait to see what brands people recommend for polish to use. I’d be interested in those results. I’m wondering it Mother’s is going to be one of those brands.

Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish is just what you’re looking for. It is excellent for metal/plastic yoyos, and there’s no issues with it attacking plastic.


Very few, if any, metal polishes available to the consumer have any affect on plastic.