Best Video Of The Year?? RecRev


Hey Guys,
I dont know how many of you have watched this RecRev Video featuring Anthony Rojas…But its, in my opinion, one of the best videos Ive watched this year. Anthiny Rojas is one of my favorite yoyo players. Leave your opinion down below on what you think of the video.

Enjoy :slight_smile:




I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the Theory promo more. It’s all preference.


That one is really good too! So many good videos/promos have been release so far this year!


Totally. This past month though I’ve been liking a lot of Grant’s stuff.


Definitely a great video. But man, 2013 has been full of great videos so far. Although this one was good, I preferred the Surge and Theory videos to this. And I’m just talking about promo videos right now. If I were to get into just any video from this year, that would be a whole other story.