Best option


What is your skill level I can’t ready make a judgment because your skill is a major factor in this.


can you bind??? are you ready for unresponsive play? if so, get a protostar, A BILLION times better than anything else you listed, and about the price of the metal drifter.

Ok… I cant bind, but I can learn

I would say the whip or one, I had the metal drifter and I thought it was horrible. You would have to get another bearing and mod the response to get it to be decent.

Oh… I thought it was good, thank you for the advice, I was actually thinking about getting it too

the metal drifter is okay, but the one and whip are better for the price of $10, you could get both for the price of a metal drifter. then you could learn grinds and 1A better with the one and whip. Hope this helps.

Yes it actually helps alot because I’m hoping to get a new yoyo every week

Where from?

If you’re getting a “new yoyo every week”, then think of this

$5.95 per week extra in shipping. Best to do “4 yoyos a month” and save money on shipping. Then pace yourself.

I have all three. The One, Whip and Metal Drifter. I keep my ONE responsive as I like it that way and it lets me have a few responsive ball bearing yoyos. My Whip doesn’t get touched much but I enjoy it. Good for when I go out on hard surfaces. The Metal Drifter, I’m kinda getting back into it as I’m gonna set it up for 5A with the gold skull that game with it. I like how I can bind it back but it’s also semi-responsive, so it’s pretty nifty that way. I like it a LOT better after I cleaned the bearing.

Neither are great or amazing. They are fun and affordable although I feel the Metal Drifter is a bit over-priced, but considering it’s a metal, it makes more sense.

It’s hard to make recommendations for someone doing a “yoyo a week” thing. The thing is, you’ll eventually get it anyways. So it’s just a matter of narrowing choices.

With how I have things, I have an inventory page for what I own(which includes what I’ve recently purchased and am awaiting arrival) and what I have on my wants list on another page. Both lists are rather large. I also have a version of these that I use when I’m out so I know what I have, and what I want as well, so in case I’m out shopping, I don’t make an unwanted duplicate purchase, or buy from someone at an event or meet or club trip. Anyone with a large collection or growing collection should do something similar to this. I also track specs and mods and other stuff so it’s of a usable document should I need stuff going forward.

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Ok, and it’s possible I don’t get it every week though I might get one a month, I’m just hoping to get one a week. Also as of right now am getting my yoyos at toys r us, but they only have a limited selection so I may buy from the b/s/t list too. But right now I go to toys r us.

you should have a very good source of income if you plan on one a week. that could be upwards of $400 a month depending on what yoyos you’re buying!
of what you mentioned, the whips is the best in my opinion. It plays like a one, but has a better grinding surface.
for 5 bucks more though, you can get a PSG or asteroid by adegle, which I think are much better for the price.

Some tips:
Toys R Us isn’t that great, but they do have some stuff.

Go find specialty stores nearby. Call them and ask if they have yoyos and if so what brands. This saves a trip out there. Gas ain’t cheap and buses aren’t exactly free for the most part.

Save up and order through places like YYE. It’s worth it.

Go to contests and competitions if any are near yo. Good deals can be had. One place was doing, well, I forget, but I get a heck of killer deal on a Dietz that I wasn’t expecting to buy but the price was $72 mint in the box and I couldn’t pass it up!(authorized seller too, somewhat local merchant). Got a Legacy II from there too. A DiBase for $50(no tax or shipping added on, so factored into the price).

BST rocks! Don’t go nuts!

Ok, I’ll look for some good deals on the bst

I agree, for plastic yo-yos, you can get some deals…Studio42 is a cool guy, trust him on this one…still need to check up on my stuff that i’m selling…well, hope this helps, Yomania21

For me i dont think wip is a good for beginner if you cant bind i guest one is the best choice for me if your a beginner

Thank you!

BST has some amazing deals. I buy all kinds of stuff on BST, from inexpensive plastics to high end metals. If it’s a deal, something I want and am fine with the description, I’ll go for it. BUT: with BST, there’s still shipping, so keep that in mind.

I do agree with the Adegle PSG and Asteroid. $16, amazing! Got each. Love them!(I like darn near everything)

A lot of it also depends on your “state of mind”. Other than I’m not a big fan of responsive play, I will try some each week just to keep myself a bit sharper on some things. I can find fun in nearly any yoyo.

Here’s some recommendations I think we ALL should have:
Duncan Imperial and Butteryfly: classics, solid axle, inexpensive, durable, legit! When I was 7, the noobs had the Imperial. The skilled kids had Butterflies. Loopers used Imperials too! Of course, this was 1978. That’s ALL we had! I was a noob(I never could sleep it or gravity pull it)
Duncan FHZ. It’s a FHZ, buy it, do it! MOD IT!
Then, we should ALL have an adaptive yoyo in a ball bearing design. It can be as cheap as a ONE, or as expensive as you want it to be. This would be a yoyo were you change the bearing. A DM2 is an ideal example most of us are familiar with, but the ONE is another one. Personal choice for models. There’s lots of amazing stuff in this range, but most of it is YYJ.
dv888. I know there’s some YYF haters and dv888 haters, but this is a middle of the road metal at an amazing price.
Something in the $80+ range metal. One Drop and CLYW highly recommended by me, there’s plenty of other stuff.
1 general purpose beater, preferably plastic and responsive. Carried specifically for others to try to get into yoyo.

This coming Saturday, I’m going to try to hit the two local stores that carry yoyos. If anything, swing by, introduce myself, see if they have any organized activities and maybe buy something.

thank you guys! especially Studio42, you’ve helped me ALOT!!!

I see that you have a Freakhand, I’d take that over all the yoyos you have listed in the poll.