Best/Most prizes for a video contest?

Hey guys!
What’s the best prizes you have seen for an online video contest?

CLYW’s video contest had some great prizes.
Take a look -

And the upcoming FixedAxleFebuary contest is unbelievable. They have so many awesome prizes coming up. Off the top of my mind, a G squared quake, a benchmark O, a bunch of different string, some Tom Kuhns, and I heard there may be a Square Wheels prototype in the prize pool :o
Take a look-

I have to say kats minutemen holiday video contest has got to be up their getting a YYF mystery box is a pretty awesome prize.

The CLYW and Fixed Axle February contests are off the charts, though. I have no idea how Waylon and Frank are even going to decide which prizes go into the grand prize pack vs. the runners-up etc.

Haha well atleast 1 of the metals are in #1. Probably the quake.

I remember winning my Gold Spectrum in a video contest. Man, that was awesome!

Square Wheels prototype in the FAF prize pool? Named Missing Link? Never heard of it :wink:

The top three places will be getting impressive packages with prizes from g2, KYS, OD, OUT, Tom Kuhn, usastrojax, BYYS, and on and on - we are up to 19 sponsors. We also have three spot prizes to be awarded for different things: 2 $25 YYE gift codes and a free PC job by mullicabob.

You’re right, Greg. Dividing it all up in a fair way is going to be difficult. We have two sponsors left to deliver prizes and no idea what they’re sending. Once those get here, we’ve got work to do. We may have to get some players to help us decide.