Best/Most Influential Players/Pro From Your State/Country

Georgia gets to claim Markmont. :grin:

In Kentucky… the only two from there now that I know of are Welso and Stoney; back in the day there was Jared, Andrew Robinson, and PyroDenny. In that era I would’ve said Andrew Robinson (FNG).

In Indiana we had Harold Owens III, Michael Stecz, Takeshi Kamisato, Connor Ebbinghouse, and Noel Kunz. Honestly kinda stacked listing it out.


A great guy in the yoyo scene.


Coming from Delaware area I’d say Joe Mitchell

This makes me want to rage quit and want to punt my brain.
Don’t support that guy >.>

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I aspire to be the best player in my house. Sometimes, I‘m close!


Steve Brown from Jacksonville, FL.

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Thanks but I actually do support that guy. The deadpan humor is just my style, and the fact that he so easily gulled several news stations (including my local WSAW) using nothing but creativity and brazen confidence earns my respect.

One day I will master and perform the Flying Blue Angel myself.


Thats a shame man, the guy literally make a mockery of yoyo in Wisconsin, to which its already heavily looked down upon.

Im just glad WSAW allowed an actual yoyoer to go on their morning show and do actual throwing.

I have to disagree with you on that as well I’m afraid. Using the medium of simple toys to entertain while also exposing, in a humorous way, how stupid we can be as humans is in keeping with the age-old tradition of the entertainer.

Yoyo is not a sacred religion or a historical tragedy, it’s a means of entertainment both for the thrower and anyone watching. It’s ok to mock it, have fun with it, make jokes while throwing, make big serious buildups to waffled tricks to make people laugh. The great Tommy Smothers is another example of this.

I’m not sure what you mean by “heavily looked down upon” but that certainly isn’t the case here in central Wisco. I get compliments, reminiscent stories and the occasional tip or free drink whenever I throw in public. I haven’t met anyone who looks down upon yoyoing yet. People like to be entertained.

If you prefer to take your throwing in a purely serious way, I respect that as your prerogative. For my part I prefer to present my skills to the public in a more humorous and self-deprecating way because the world needs a laugh these days.

Kenny Strasser did what I would have done if I had the gumption for it and he became a bit of a legend, even landed a moderately successful acting career out of the deal. Good on him for being our most famous yoyoer even if he couldn’t really throw!



bro it was a joke lets not forget that a yoyo is a toy and should never be taken seriously ever