Best free CAD software and how to use it

So I was thinking of designing a yoyo, and not sure how to go about this. Not only do I not know what software to use, I don’t know how. I have freecad, but I am lost!

Emachineshop is a great one that I personally use. It’s pretty simple to use and is a decent software I think.


Wow, this is really confusing. ALl i can do is use the button to draw a circle for me.

It takes a little while to get use to but EMS is the easiest and a simple CAD software I’ve seen

How do I change the circle to 3d?

Have you tried sketch up? it used to be owned by Google, and now it with Trimble. but they still have a free version.

The red pyramid at the top right

All that does is preview it, but I need to make it into a cylinder.

In the Z value you type the width that is a few millimeters wider then what you want

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Go to and download a student version of autocad

God I hate the student version… It’s terrible, I would recommend anything else