Best collection

I won’t to no if you think you have a shot at best collection on YYE!

Do you want to know?

I done think so your goner win with grammer luck that.

Go look at Jason Wong’s collecting, and tell me if any of us stand a chance.

Yeah, I think he won. :smiley:

Actually though, I think Lucky has the largest.

Flyguy has a huge collection as well…

My stuff:

Out of date. No photos in the album of the Puffin, Cliff or new Gnarwal. No new photos of the new AL7 Albatross. No photos of the pair of Loop1080’s. No photos possible of the 2 new Aquarius as I haven’t even unboxed those yet.

Got another box with a bunch of cool stuff in there. Trident, regular Majesty, Compulsion, Titan 3, Next Level and a few other goodies. Since that hasn’t arrived yet, no photos possible.

That’s in addition to the other stuff I have already shot.

I like your description of the album on Facebook, pretty funny.  Awesome collection, by the way.

Never in the history of YYE has there been a need for a clearer definition of “best”. :wink:

Flyguy, attybud, jasonwong, Ed…

It really, really depends on the criteria. I’d toss my own hat into the mix but couldn’t keep up with the aforementioned collectors.

There are others but these four come to mind when I think of the “best”.

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Back in 2008 I had relatively few yo-yos (4 or 5), because I’d just graduated from college, and in 2006 my main yo-yo case was lost by an airline (very sad), which really dampened collecting for me. On a side note, I found and bought back most of the lost collection in early 2011 from a lost luggage liquidator on eBay.

As I made more money and found myself spending more time/money looking at and buying, I decided I needed to have a clear goal (like Glow Doug). So here are the priorities:

  1. Tell the history of the ball bearing yo-yo.
  2. Looks good on a wall.
  3. Buy what I wanted in high school but was too poor to get (mostly Playmaxx).

I’ve accomplished most of #3. #2 has no real end, but I have the full rainbow many times over. #1 is ongoing and highly subjective, but I feel I have a good handle on some North American brands (CLYW, OneDrop, Dert, General-Yo, Tom Kuhn, TMBR, Early YYJ, Anti-Yo, Early YYF) and Oxygene. Despite a collection of 800+, I am still missing some key pieces (OG peak, early Oxy < 3, OG Plugin, OG Torrent, TK Turbo-Yo, SKF, exotic Derts, Gouda). It never ends. Like anything else, being the “best” doesn’t mean anything. The question is: what is your collection accomplishing? Is it for play? For show? In my case, I’d like to show the design changes over time and the stories behind those changes. Ideally I would organize them on a wall chronologically.

The most interesting collections for me are not the biggest - they are the most focused, where a person has chosen one small area and really tried to complete it. Where the yo-yos illustrate a story. Like if the criteria is to collect the smallest yo-yos. That’s cool to me (even if it is not what I decided to do).

Last time I took a pic of my clyw/onedrop/generalyo:

of course my 15 yoyo collection is the best! :stuck_out_tongue:

And 800+ yoyos?!!?!? Are you a millionare? :o

Flyguy, thanks for sharing. I totally agree that the most interesting collections are those that tell a specific story. Unfocused, a collection is nothing more than a simple monetary expression or investment… And a generally poor investment at that!

I’ve always been a bit of a collector, even in my other hobbies. I think I am still trying to figure out what I want my collection to fulfill, but I definitely have some patterns.

CLYW Peaks (Peaks only, there are just too many other runs nowadays)
Duncan FHZS (especially Higbys)
Duncan Velvets
Tom Kuhns
VsNYYC (Still have quite a collection of these, despite the unfortunate recent history)

Generally I don’t focus on different colorways (except for yoyo model specific collections like Peaks)… probably as a result of my anodizing. I do love weird and unique yoyo shapes and designs though, and a few of my personal favorites include RSLs, Tondos, Alliance, Duncan Rainbo, Disney World of Color, Wet Whistles, X3, etc.

My collection has typically been just for myself, but I have been looking for a good way to showcase them. It’s a shame to have so many yoyos tucked away in plastic boxes. Just before holiday, though I found a display cabinet maker who makes awesome cabinets. I ordered one and will share some photos when I get back home.

Flyguy, out of curiosity, have you found a good way to display your collection?

Attybud for sure has the best collection.

I have some wall display cases but haven’t put them up yet. I think Lucky has a good thing going (and the nat yoyo museum) with the thin plastic lines that hold a row of yoyos. Map drawers seem like they have great space efficiency and protection from light (with a relatively reasonable cost). An issue for me is how to display the yoyos without disconnecting the original packaging. I have an idea for a modular wall display but haven’t had the time/willpower to make it. I’ve seen cool displays with cut foam. I really want mine to be modular, otherwise if I move it, that could be super annoying.

I think this is an excellent point. This what I try to do as well. I focus and a few brands that I love and keep it to certain colors. It is fun to get them/collect them/play them… And in my case just look at them sometimes…

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My vote for the best goes to my Bestie, mgiroux77, quality over quantity, focused…and so beautiful too. But, my quantity vote goes to Andre Boulay, YoyoExpert, because until he sells those yo-yos, they all belong to him. I’m sure he keeps what he wants too. He gets the top vote for best collection on YoyoExpert. He has a store full of them. Brilliant!