YoYofficer Collection


So, this is my YYO collection! I LOVE YYO, and I’m trying my hardest to collect every YYO model in order to one day hand the collection down to my son. It has been difficult so far and continues to be difficult. If any of you have or know of someone who has and is wanting to trade or sell their YYO’s that I don’t yet have in this collection, PLEASE let me know! Other than that, what do you think of the coection so far??



Nice man! I like your brave! That is the one i have always wanted to try, and the musket too!


Bina would probably have a better collection… But yours is good too.


I can’t tell if that was sarcastic or meant intentionally to be slightly mean. Yea, it’s pretty much a for sure fact that Bína has a better YYO collection for obvious reasons. But seeing as how I do not throw for YYO and I am not rich, I think I have and am doing pretty dang well with what I’ve got so far.


Well, I think it is a great collection.


Thank you, sir!

(Bína) #7

Really nice collection and thank you for supporting Yoyofficer :slight_smile:

Mine collection can’t be compared, I was with Officer for long time and being on team gives me unfair advantage :slight_smile:


You know, if you ever have a few extra YYO’s, you can ALWAYS just send them my way :wink: I have a six month old baby so money is something I NEVER have to buy new YYO’s lol I really wish I did though, I want to collect the entire line up of YYO so I can hand it down to my son when he gets older and picks up yoyoing. It’s so,etching special to me because I started yoyoing with YoYofficer and I want him to as well. So hopefully I’ll be able to get them all before its too late.


I see i see. you were not kidding XD. Thats the musket i want as well. very beautiful. hexofa colletion mah dude. ;D ;D


I love YYO especially the musket


Dude, come on.


Nice collection


Since YYO goes by the A, B, C theme Bina needs to send you an Aura and a Dasher and you have to buy an Eager and Gravity(still in stock here). Then you can teach your kids like this:

A is for Aura (Holds up an Aura)
B is for Brave (Holds Brave)
C is for Crayon, etc

This would be so funny and epic at the same time haha

(Bína) #14

Here is my Yoyofficer collection, I think there should be everything I own right now.


And in groups by numbers of each mdoel


Dat unengraved Kilter :o