Best bearing under $10?

So my bearing on my shutter is shot, and I was wondering what I should get to replace it. I would want it to be KONKAVE.

centertrac is already my favorite bearing. All my high end yoyos have one.

What about the crucial grooves bearing? I have heard good things about that…

billybob bearings

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At Billybobs

You get what you pay for, nothing compares to a KK or NSK.

billybob not billy bob
Looking for cheap go simple
billllllllllly bobbbbbbb

If that doesn’t help, try a buffet!

I’m a believer. I have cheap concaves that play great. But they’re not quite as good as a real Dif KK. And then I got a pair of NSKs because… extravagence and curiosity…

And there’s REALLY nothing like an NSK. As quiet as a lubed bearing without lube. Although despite being told not to, I put a tiny dot of lube in anyhow. I am NOT the kind of guy to rave about something just because it was expensive, but NSKs are legit.

I like CT or CTX, but I think the CTX is more than 10 bucks.

Really? I dislike the 2 CTX I picked up when they were 5 dollars with a yoyofactory yoyo. To each their own XD

What is billybobs and if it is a store can’t find it?

I had the same problem with my shutter. I think I went through about 2 bearings trying to clean and do so much stuff to fix my shutter. I got a n9 floater in a trade a while back, and I know a lot of people on here don’t like magic yoyo because they want the money to go back to the yoyo community, but the n9 came with a bearing that was concave in shape, and it was really nice and it fit my shutter great. best part was that the n9 isn’t exactly the best yoyo, so I took a less than pare bearing and put it on the n9 and it plays great. :slight_smile:
That’s my two cents anyway.

“billybobs” is the forum software automagically replacing competitor store names. It doesn’t mean anything; there’s no billybobs. Heheh.

LOL the first time someone said billy bobs I kept searching it up but all I found was a fishing website xD ;D ;D

So if I just say a store name, it will show up as billybobs?

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I mean, a human being has to make a list of strings (text) to match against. Stores that fly under the radar might not get replaced… mangling the store name might fool it… but really, those of us who are regular guests around here just wouldn’t want to mention another store anyhow. I think it’s more to automagically cover up slip-ups by n00bs.

Well I tried it it didn’t come up billybobs Myth busted.

Good bearing under $10?

If I were you I would spend the extra $2 and get a Trifecta

Not sure why you think it’s a myth. :wink: I already explained that some stores might be flying under the radar. There is definitely billybobs replacement text.

idk I just wanted to mention myth busters :wink: