Best 19mm slim pad response?

So I am getting a Duncan Barracuda since they are on the cheap right now and wondering which would be the best pads to switch out on it since my experience with the Duncan SG Stickers are spotty at best.

What would you say is the best 19mm Slim Pad?

On a side note, does anyone have any experience with the stock bearing that comes in the Barracuda? A lot of their higher end throws come with the KonKave but this one comes with a flat C-size bearing. Is it a 10-ball or 8? I cannot seem to find many reviews on the Barracuda to help get this information.


I Love OD Flow Groove, but I heard that their 19mm slim versions are a little to thin and can cause slippy binds based on the yoyo used. Have you had the same issue?

I will take a look at joker