Bent Axle

Hey guys!

While performing outside with my new YFF Shutter I dropped it on a solid hard surface.

Everything was fine for a week after, now is the first time I checked out the bearing inside, it seems to be fine. But the axle after it is bent slightly like the tower of Pisa. While I can continue playing with it bent like that, it viberates intensely.

The axle is only slightly bent, hardly visible with the eye.
Any suggestions? Has anyone run into this situation?
Not sure if force is a smart solution in this situation…

Bring the bent axle to a hardware store, ask if they can help replace it.

easier yet

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^^^ this

Look for set screws at a hard ware store. The threads of yours should interlock perfectly with the ones on a new one (unless the treads were damaged across the whole axel) then make sure the actual thickness and length of the set screw is the same as well.

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As a starting point at the hardware store, most YYF yoyos use a 4mm x .7 mm pitch set screw. Lengths vary…

Common Yoyo Axle Sizes