Ben's Alphabetacular Yoyo Review: Exia (Stainless Steel)

(The Exia is the one on the right, for those who don’t know. I didn’t bring it with me to work today so I don’t have an individual pic of it.)

Before saying anything besides this sentence, I want to preface this by saying this is not a bad yoyo at all, in fact it kinda sets the standard of a B tier yoyo.

That being mentioned, I realllllly wanted to love this yoyo. As someone who prefers light throws 63.7 g is light enough to attract my attention as that typically means you get a fast, zippy experience. I also like the 47.3 mm width, which is further complimented by a generous 4.82 mm width in the gap. Just to finish out statistics the Exia also has a 55.62 diameter.

However, the Exia is not a fast yoyo. While it isn’t slow, the yoyo definitely goes at its own pace, giving me, personally the experience of a higher-mass throw. Power, although not anemic in the slightest, wasn’t that incredible either given that it weighs so little, but again that is to be expected.

What the yoyo does have going for it is stability and control. The Exia is just as stable as my Valkyrie, which is truly noteworthy due to the fact that the Valkyrie feels like you’re yoyoing with a spinning brick. Control is very very good, and if you can’t land tricks on this yoyo it is almost certainly due to skill issue and not on the yoyo.

Overall the Steel Exia is still good. I’m not disappointed in the slightest that I have it. I just understand why the Brexia exists now.

Ben’s Alphabetacular Yoyo Rating: B (for Brexia is better)