Benefits of plastic for unresponsive play?


One thing in the POM Draupnir’s favor is its price (compared to a regular Draupnir). Of course, it could easily be argued that anything with “Draupnir” in its name is overpriced to begin with, but that’s a different debate…


I think the weight rings are key. Proper weight rings on any material can make it play like a metal.


Thinking about getting another SFX. Loved mine when I had it, but it met its demise on an errant breakaway in a small apartment when I managed to nail a doorknob with it.
Several casualties in that place. Also split an OUT in half on a ceiling fan


My favorites are from YoYoJam, which is still my favorite company. Classics like the Hitman, Dark Magic and Speeder are hard to beat. YYE still has quite a few models of the Cerberus left in stock and on sale. It didn’t come out all that long ago (5 or 6 years ago as opposed to 15 years for the Hitman) and it’s a really nice plastic with metal rings. Long spins, over-sized. You could do a lot worse with $30 even in 2018.


I have the SFX in my main case right now. It doesn’t have the most personality out of the YYJ lineup but in terms of pure performance from a plastic body, it’s up there. They play really, really well.


Hmm you are right there are quite a few YYJ models still floating around in stock despite the company shutting down at the end of 2015.


I know YYJ was super innovative in the early to mid or late 2000s but when I was getting into yoyoing it seemed like most of the YYJ models weren’t really selling, nobody seemed interested in them(even the new ones they were releasing) aside from the DM2(which was starting to fade), Phenom, Go Big, and maybe 1 or 2 others I’m forgetting.


Very innovative and popular in the early 00s. They did have a bit of a lull in the late 00s when double silicone became standard and most YYJ models still had hybrid response, which few people really loved. The renaissance came right at the end of the 00s, starting with the New Breed. Wide-bodied, double silicone response, great organic shape. After that they put out really nice updates on some of their older models like the Speeder and Dark Magic. Also new plastics with metal weight rims like the Cerberus that play great. They released inexpensive plastics like the Classic, and to a lesser extent the Surge, which really changed the game on how good a $10 yoyo could be. They even released some really nice metals at this point like the DiamondBack and the Transcend. They were certainly most popular as a brand in the early 00s, but Classics and DM2s, for instance, were big sellers by the standards of any company out there. There was only really one lull in 15 years where they weren’t putting out great-playing new models on a regular basis.


I have my favorites, and they include plastics, plastic/metal (YYJ), and metal. In particular I love the YYJ HM and DM II, as well as the Journey which is my all time favorite all plastic yoyo. Are there any particular benefits either way? IMHO, no. It’s just what I like.


I just have an affection for them because I came back to yoyoing in the late 90’s (saw a guy at my daughter’s school do a yoyo exhibition using a SuperYo Typhoon - modded, I found out later).

I have about 10 various older plastic models, and a couple that are recent.