Ben Affleck is... Batman

Share your thoughts on Ben Affleck taking Christian Bale’s role as Batman! God Bless - Moefv

Don’t like it.

Don’t hate till the deed is done.
That is all.

I think he can pull it off.

Haha this is so funny, I saw a petition online (sighened by over 500 people in the first hour) about kicking him from batman. I saw a YouTube video of daredevil and the top comment was “like if you wanted to see how bad he would be in batman” or something like that.

Anyway, I hate it! WHHHHYYY batmans my favorite!!

Well I just hope he doesn’t go

“I’M BATMAN!” - Gargle voice.

Did y’all see him as Daredevil? Hard not to improve on that performance.

The next announcement will be that Taylor swift is going to be the next joker :facepalm: … He will rock it like be did the blockbuster flop daredevil :confused:

While I’m not too happy with this, I can’t bash it because I haven’t seen the film. But, let’s be honest–even with his strong Bostonian accent, his Batman voice can’t be much worse than Bale’s.

Plus, do any of you remember when Heath Ledger was announced to play Joker in The Dark Knight? People were so angry they almost rioted, yet Ledger’s performance as Joker is legendary, not only for a comic film, but movies in general. Hopefully Affleck can bring something new to the table, similarly to Ledger.

^ That.

It’s like the coming Star Wars movies isn’t it? We know there’s chance of it being horrible, but we can’t really say for sure until we’ve seen it.

I actually think there is a pretty good change of those being great movies. Disney is going to look at the two trilogy’s and say what made 4, 5, and 6 better than 1, 2, and 3? Then they’re going to try to make them similar.