Behind the Back Air Catches?

Hey guys,

There’s a really cool trick that looks like a really cool crowd pleaser and I’ve seen people use it. I’ve tried it and there is no way to send the yo-yo back out.

Starting At 2:05

Starting at 2:10

yah those are cool i have seen them before i just dont get them next time i go to yoyo school ill ask about em

This one is kinda tricky and hard to explain, but the key to opening up some room to toss the yo-yo is in the 180 spin.

Do the first catch then stop. With only your arms to accommodate the turn, do the turn. This should help make something click.

The only other tip I can give is to watch Mickey’s or Sebby’s movement and break it up into steps.

You’ll get it, trust me. :smiley: It just takes some time and thinking about the trick in fragments because it’s a little awkward.

Is it possible to make tutorial or find one because I can’t find one online or a video of you doing the trick. I think that’ll be easier than watching these two.

Wish I could make a tutorial, but I don’t have the equipment around (which is why is only one video of me, way back when I started :P). Sorry man. The angle in Mickey’s video is great, try that one first.

I can help clarify anything, but I can’t make a tutorial. :frowning:

theres a yoyo school

i wanna go