BEGINNERS PLEASE READ - No, you don't need that performance plastic to learn on

Yes, this is a thread telling you not to but high performance, long-spinning, ultra-stable, yoyo’s of doom. Now, you may find yourself thinking, “Huh? I thought they’re ‘High Performance’ for a reason…” but believe me, it will make sense here in a minute.

Now, a basic introduction. First, you may find yourself straying away from “Highwalled,” “Outdated,” “Unstable” designs that have “Run their course.” I beg to differ. These are some of the best to learn on because of this. Let me show you why in three parts.

  1. Gap Width

Now, older designs are going to have a narrower or “Adjustable” gap. You might think, “A narrower gap will bunch up the string,” and not get the advantage. Or, “A wide gap will let the string slide past with less resistance.” But, I assure you that if you can pull off a trick on a narrow gap yoyo, you can pull it off on any wide-gapped yoyo.

  1. The Highwall/Stability

You may think here that a more stable yoyo will lend itself to learning tricks easier. While this is true to some extent, it is also great to learn on an “Unstable” yoyo. Being able to do any trick with the most unstable of yoyo’s is definitely an excellent thing. If you can bust out a complex combo on an unstable yoyo early on, your already farther than some people who have been throwing much longer than yourself. Some people even go out of their way to but the most rock-solid yoyo’s available, because they can’t deal with a tilted yoyo. A highwall will even assist with this by making the yoyo MORE unstable.

  1. Sleep Time

Ah, I see we’ve met the infamous sleep time, or how long it’ll spin at the end of the string. This is the SINGLE most over talked about thing among many beginners. “But I heard this yoyo sleeps longer, surly it is better?” The short answer is “No.” The long answer is that if you pamper yourself with overly long-spinning yoyos, you will never develop a good throw; which is ultimately your problem, not the yoyo. Developing the throw is KEY in becoming a good player.

Kitty, out

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I think this philosophy of challenging yourself might work for some but for others it just leads to frustration. Beginners don’t need the very best equipment to begin with but that doesn’t mean they should opt for something that’s more difficult to use just because it might improve their skills later on. Improvement comes from consistent effort. Even the most stable and long spinning of yoyos will tilt and spin out without a proper throw.


If they don’t have a good throw anyways, why do they need a great plastic that will teach them bad habits? learning a proper throw on a cheap unstable yoyo will teach them this.

Coming from a perspective of someone who already loves yoyos, the logic behind this makes sense. In many cases, learning on a more difficult yoyo to control can benefit you in the long run.

However, to a new player who hasn’t developed a love for the spobby, the frustration of not being able to master a trick could very well cause them to quit yoyoing because they “just can’t land that darn trick”.

A more advanced and easier to control yoyo gives newer players access to the best part of playing with yoyos - having fun. They can land tricks more successfully, they can show off tricks to their friends, and over all just have a better time, encouraging them to continue.

Also, more practice will give you a better throw no matter what yoyo you learn with. Practice has a lot more to do with how good a person’s throw is than what yoyo their using.

To be honest, I agree but I disagree. I think you should start on a good stable yo-yo to make your life easier. Just because you argue “If you can do it on a crap yoyo, you can do it on any yoyo,” I don’t think that applies to a novice. You could maybe argue that logic on an intermediate level yo-yoer though.

Variety is the spice of life :slight_smile:

I started on cheap, fixed axle plastics, before I knew about our modern yoyo world, and had just as much fun as I do now. I also believe that it helped me in the long run, teaching proper technique. You can have just as much-or more-fun on a cheap plastic as on a CLYW.

I think that you need to start on a responsive yoyo first, it teaches you how to handle the throw a lot better than starting off unresponsive. Too many starters go straight for a $100 CLYW without knowing how to bind first. That’s why I like the Velocity so much, it’s the best of both worlds.

Some yo to be the best they can be.
Some yo to be better than others.
Some yo just to pass the time of day.
Some yo because a friend yo’s.
Some yo simply to have fun.
Some yo for a combination of reasons.

It’s an old debate. The correct answer is what makes you the happiest I guess. I followed my own path and I plan on continuing on my own path. I’m open to hear other’s thoughts but I still will decide the direction I go.

I am biased in regards to what I believe is best but maybe that’s because it has worked for me, maybe one size doesn’t fit all. If you are yoyoing, you love it, and it makes you happy the rest is insignificant, isn’t it? However, your purpose, your intentional direction, your drive and your needs can change over time. Therefore your yoyoing journey will evolve accordingly and may take you down different paths. Opportunity plays a huge role as well the individuals ability to see that opportunity and take advantage of it.

I could tell you that I’m totally for playing wooden fixed axle yoyos to learn with, and I am, but that’s kind of like my grandfather telling me he walked uphill 2 miles to go to school, barefoot, in the snow, both ways.

Things change, technology changes, and those of us that have been fortunate to have learned certain things the old school way, percieve that the youngsters are missin out, and often they are, just as I did when I was a whipper snapper.

I see your logic, but for me I use a better yoyo to learn the trick and then a “worst” to perfect it. 8) It’s just different from player to player.

After I learned a trick, it doesn’t matter on which yoyo I practiced it. I can do it on any yoyo
Also, most of us are just having fun and new better throws are more fun in my book :slight_smile: