Beginner thoughts


When you were a beginner and did a matrix or rewind, did you ever think that “Hey, I must be a pro because I can do this!” Lol one year or so ago I was watching some John Ando vids and Jensen Kimmitt vids and I was thinking, “Haha thats so easy, I can do this too” Nope, I was far from that level of yoyoing.

Did anybody do this before?



For me, when I can perform a trick, it’s nothing more than a great sense of accomplishment. It shows that with practice and effort and not giving up, amazing things can happen.

I look forward to the day when I can do stuff like the matrix(working on it right now) and rewind and other cool stuff.

However, to each their own. As long as you’re enjoying it, it’s all good.


I never thought I was a pro, and I definitely didn’t think I could be Jenson Kimmit. But I really thought I was pretty good, then I went to YoYoExpert and it was all downhill for my ego from there :stuck_out_tongue:


i didn’t think i was a pro but i thought i was pretty amazing lol i got my matrix down already and working on my buddha’s revenge and rewind


I thought I was getting really good. Learned all the tricks in the 1a section on here in about 4 months. Then I saw some YouTube videos and went to MA states and realized I have a long way too go.


yea it takes about 4-5 months to learn the 1a tricks on here if you practice alot, but knowing how to do the tricks isn’t everything ::slight_smile:


I dunno I practice a lot and I’m only on the expert section after 6 months or so. Everyone learns at a different pace. :wink:

Just for the record, to most people, even The Matrix makes you a professional. Doing anything fancier then Walk the Dog makes you a pro in fact. So that’s one way of looking at it. ;D


I have played yoyo for a long time. In 1996 I got a ‘modern’ yoyo of the era. By 1998 I. Could do every 1a trick known to well, the realm. I got 5th at worlds that year. 2 years later trick devlopment continued at an exponential rate… id fallen off… t was a mix of volume, difficulty and lack of desire. By 2002 I refound my desire and was now appreciative rather than intimidated by the volume and difficulty. There were no limits. I could create, I could imitate or I could just play…

PS… I can do two hand reach for the moon now, but I. Am still to open the ladder escape tutorial.

Its just what you make of it.


I myself am not a pro, if you think about it, tricks and yoyos are just tools. The community would be nothing if Each and Every person just knew how to do tricks and such. Its the special people who put heart and soul into their yoyo style or really just put meaning into how they play. Its those people who I think inspire the new yoyoers to play hard and have fun. Me myself sure I can do master tricks but if I don’t really put my heart into how I play, if I just pick up a yoyo and throw, I mean aren’t I like any other beginner who thinks just learning tricks and playing without adding style or having actual fun while they throw is cool?


I remember being able to do stuff like Walk the Dog and such and thought I was pro. Then I went on youtube. :frowning: :smiley:


watching the videos made you feel pro. Every time i watch videos it reminds how slow and clumsy i still am.


i am by no means a pro… however i do consider myself very proficient … as far as content on this site, and any discussions not in the unrelated section, i probably have an opinion on 90 % … but there is always progress to be made, and there will always be someone you can teach, and someone you can learn from… and ben, is there a video out there to go with your performance?..


Once i saw Jensen do eli hops by his head really fast and I learned that in like 2 weeks and I felt really good about myself. But I also fell like a newb when I can’t learn an “easy” trick.