Beginner needs some help!

I’m working on an assignment for a graduate course where I have to teach myself how to do something using only Youtube videos and forums. I chose to learn 2 to 3 yo-yo tricks.

So far I’ve gotten walk the dog down and I have two weeks from this Sunday to master 1-2 other tricks. Any suggestions of tricks that are easy enough to learn in a short period of time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sounds like a fun little project! I’d go with the classic tricks. You’ve already learned walk the dog so maybe add rock the cradle and/or loop the loop to your repertoire. And hey, who knows, you might end up coming back to learn some more.

Good luck and have fun!


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Great project. I would go with “rock the Baby” and a picture trick like “Eiffel Tower”.

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Maybe try learning trapeze just try it you never know.

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Monkey up a string!
(Also called elevator)

Scissors is fun picture trick.

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A picture trick called the Jamaican flag


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Thanks for all of the great suggestions! Can’t wait to try them all out and see which one sticks!

Use a responsive yo yo at first then move to unresponsive

brain twister. man on the flying trapeze.

Gravity Pull and Sleeper, problem solved.

try learning rancid milk! just kidding… learn rock the baby and a simple picture trick… they are in the “learn” tab in the yye website under “beginner”