Been A While


It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in. I’ve honestly had such a tough time learning to yo-yo I put it down for all this time. (Busy busy busy!) This vacation has restarted my interest and I even met with a Duncan yo-yo guy here. (I even happen to have my Horizon with me in my “tactical bag”:joy: but we were catching the bus to Disney… The only thing cooler than the yo-yo is the big wheel!


Since 2016 eh … welcome back! :motorcycle:

(ChrisFrancz) #3

I’m glad you’re back. Do. Not. Leave.


Bagpipes, Jiu Jitsu, Our 6 Year Old daughter. I’ve actually carried my Horizon with me everywhere I go. My bag has the perfect pouch for it. I really want to learn the yo-yo. I have to force myself. I’ve had such a hard time getting a solid bind that I lost the will to live. :joy::weary::weary:

(ChrisFrancz) #5

If I can learn binding so can normal people. Practice pays off. Now it’s instinctive for me and I do not have to think about it. What helped me is putting responsives out of sight. No safety net forced me to get better!


…or you could just play responsive. Put that Horizon away, and give something else a go. Plenty to learn along that path too! Either way, yep, practice pays off.


Oh yeah responsive! Pick up a Deep State or Confusion!

(ChrisFrancz) #8

All I meant was - I wanted to get better at binding but every time I got frustrated I’d go back to responsive because it was easy even though I knew it limited me. I got ticked off and told myself, no, I will throw unresponsive until I can do all of my moves / tricks unresponsive. Now I can, and with ease and I enjoy responsive as well only not as a hiding place of my fear of binding. If that makes sense… I’m gonna look into Deep State!

(ChrisFrancz) #9

This looks pretty sweet…


You can always add some Vaseline to that bearing and play it responsively :wink:

(Jim Honaker) #11

I love my Deep State. I use YYF thick lube on the bearing, I think it is just responsive enough that way. Still sleeps and can do all your basics tricks then tug it back. There is just something about that yoyo. I carry it everywhere. I want to do this one day.

(ChrisFrancz) #12

Maybe it will be in the 2019 budget. I have a lot of responsives already.


My every day carry. :joy: