Beefcaked FHZ's

I don’t know if this should be here, or BST, but i’ll continue anyway.

I’ve beefcaked my FHZ, and figured i could beefcake anyone’s FHZ if they wanted, or I could just mail already done ones.

I would charge maybe $10 do do someone else’s plus shipping, or $30 or 35 for a new one.(it’s a laborious process,trust me you need fingers of steel to do it :P)

Just shoot me a PM if interested.

I do beefcake wing cut bearings A or C size.
Photo shows a caked pair and a standard (red dot) wing cut.
Gets rid of that annoying notch in the center

My friend (who I keep bugging to get an account here at YYE but he won’t >:() “beefcaked” his FH2. All he really did was put two A sized bearings in it. He didn’t do any other modding. It works fine.


Why? All you need to do is put some thin spacers in and a second bearing. My 9 year old can do it. :slight_smile:

Yep that’s all.

Got some Wing Cut FHZipp Beefcakes coming up that give you a 4.85mm gap with stock spacers.

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If you don’t want to get a whole Duncan bearing kit just for the small spacers, all that sanding SUCKS.


But, you are charging $10 to sand down the spacers, when a bearing kit costs $5 and has more than all the spacers we will need and the extra bearing. Also, anyone who collects a lot of Duncans will have different sized spacers laying around.

Hey airpenguin, try out Terrapin X’s A+ Beefcake its insane!,30728.msg299622.html#msg299622

Getting some seriously good feedback on them.

Sanding any spacers isn’t really a good idea considering there is too much room for error. sanding them off just a bit can create some serious vibe to wobble situations.

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