Does anyone know when the Ten Yoyo Bebop is coming out? I’ve been checking their website every couple of hours for about a week and the suspense is killing me.

It’s coming out very soon! Maybe another week, I’m good friends with John hasselback, he said its almost out, it was the anodizers fault

So excited. I tried the prototypes at worlds, it is sooooooo good!

from the TEN Yoyo facebook page: “After many challenges and delays with the production schedule, we’re finally ready to release this Friday at 10pm EST”

Also, look out for the video interview with John Hasselback which I’ll upload soon:

They were selling them at the Florida state yoyo contest :stuck_out_tongue:

did you get one? How does it play?

My friend got one, I did play it. One of the smoothest most clean playing yoyo’s I think I have ever played, I think a noticeable mention, its finish is extremely soft and smooth, almost hard to describe it. Amazing yoyo…

I am in the process of writing a review as we speak. It is one of the best yo-yos I have ever played.

Only $70 too!!! I’ve been wanting this yoyo for like 5 months. I’ll be buying a couple for sure

Am I the only one that just no figured out about this yoyo?

The hype for this is awesome.

Ive heard great things about this. Eagerly awaiting this.

I heard is was like a smaller more powerful Chief.

Check out my interview with John about his yoyo

At times, the video quality isn’t the best, so apologies for that. Hope you enjoy is nevertheless.